We deal in the sales of used graphic machines of renowned manufacturers. Thereby, we have specialised for the printing of paper and packaging. Our product programme contains offset printing machines of various sizes and post press machines, such as Guillotines, die cutters, folding machines, booklet maker and perfect binder machines. Our main purchase area is the European market with Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. 


To be able to offer you only the best prices and quality services, our task is to lower the costs as much as possible. This complex task is conditioned by appropriate knowledge and good organization. Long years of international experience and cooperation as well as an international stock with the associated vehicle fleet allow us, to set such a task for ourselves.

Regarding the wishes of the client, we may offer the following services: 

 Purchase of printing machines

 Sales of printing machines


 Temporary storage and transfer

 Transport around the world



 Spare part purchase